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TV newscast

This is the main news bulletin called "Evening" which is shown at 10 pm.

I present this newsletter alternately with three colleagues who were chosen by the channel based on competence, ability to conduct political dialogue and full knowledge of events around the world.

In this bulletin, we discussed with specialized guests the latest developments of the war in Syria from the field and political levels, as well as the latest developments regarding the Turkish-Iranian operation against the PKK.


This television symposium was titled “The sectarianism is the opponent of the future”, During which we discussed the problem of sectarianism in the Arab countries and the prospects for transitioning towards democracy and the establishment of a national state. Intellectuals from Arab countries including Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia and Iraq were hosted.

In 2017, Al-Mayadeen TV celebrated the 2017 days anniversary of its launch, and I was chosen to present this exceptional and special occasion that was broadcast live, in which the station’s employees and officials were hosted to review the achievements and efforts made by the employees, including broadcasters, news producers, correspondents and journalists. In addition to specialized writers, editors, and technicians with the aim of providing comprehensive and professional coverage of events in the Middle East and the world.

"The Hour's Dialogue" is a political talk show in which the latest political issues in the Middle East are discussed. I was among three presenters who took turns presenting the program.

This episode was devoted to discussing the developments of the situation in Sudan during the outbreak of the revolution and the overthrow of former President Omar al-Bashir and the challenges facing the transitional period led by the army at the time.

This article, published on the blog of the “Woodrow Wilson Center” think-tank, highlights the effects of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from the country for the concern of many Arab states in the Gulf, none of which has recognized the new regime. The main concern is the impact of the Taliban's rise to power on Islamist groups in the Gulf Cooperation Council, and how the establishment of an Islamic emirate will strengthen their opposition and resistance to the Gulf governments.